We understand that your time is most precious and strive every day to make the visual interface intuitive and aesthetically appealing. No upfront costs Practices are often wary of expensive costs involved in transitioning to an EHR system. IMD is a cloud based solution requiring no hardware or software installation. All it takes to set-up your EHR is to sign up at and in few minutes you are ready to go.

User Friendly & Ease of Use

IMD EHR Solution has been designed by Physicians keeping in view the need of the physicians. The focus and intent of the solution is to reduce the learning curve and focus more on practise. No Complicated training is Required

Less Paperwork

Administrative duties require significant amount of time and costs as large portion of the workday goes out filling and processing forms. As IMD reduces the amount of paperwork decreases, the required storage space also declines.thus increasing the efficiency.

Free Patient Portal

Patient can request appointment, fill-in pre-visit questionnaires, manage medical records and share them with care team securely from the patient portal for free, thus encouraging greater patient involvement in the treatment and better patient / provider communication.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

Communication and Office management is streamlined, with other clinicians, insurance providers, pharmacies and diagnostic centers whihc is fast and trackable, cutting down on lost messages and follow-up calls. All of these EHR features generate significant time savings, leading to greater productivity.

Highly customizable

At every stage of development, Physician from different fiend have been consulted and keeping in view "Ease of use" concept , The design team have incorporated data flow and UI has been designed to reduce the learning curve and further input from users are incorporated at any give stage thus making the solution highly customizable.

Other EHR Benefits

  • Get paid faster.
  • Integrates with all lab and healthcare systems.
  • Accessible at all levels.
  • Improves workflow so more time is spent providing quality healthcare in your community.
  • Interoperability Services – Share information and data wherever you may need it to go.




Choosing the IMD system is a no brainer because it is both affordable and easy to use. we looked at all the software currently out there and in every category of consideration we had, IMD won hands down!


Essential cloud based software for doctors. Patients are very happy to have their records maintained. Delay in getting their file is solved in seconds. Simply this software will boost your confidence which I am very sure.I highly recommend using IMD as your medical record software. My life has been simplified & my staff is singing it’s praises.....



After evaluating numerous web based EHR's only one stood out as a candidate based on excellent features, flexibility, and priced at a fraction of the competitors,IMD Strongly recommended. It is very easy to use .



The team at IMD is very helpful and supportive. They provided us with great training so that our staff and patients could start getting the most out of this great technology. I highly recommend IMD to all physicians.





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