Why was IMD created

5 years ago, Dr. Anjali Gulati M.D, looked at the existing practice management solutions. What she found was that there were several "Practice Management Solutions" in the market. However, most of them were built around coding and billing. They were expensive, required new hardware, software, special implementation and training and, were difficult to use.
She thus set out to build a comprehensive EHR which would be Intuitive and make charting easy for the physicians. An EHR that would be a complete "Practice Management Solution". Starting from e-scheduling to e-charting to e-billing and e-accounting. An EHR that would keep a physician's workflow as the "Prime focus", and thus make documentation rapid and easy, Not a chore.

Our Speciality

• Preventive Medicine • Cardiology • Neurology • Hematology/Oncology • ENT •Allergy
• Infectious Disease • Family Practise • Pulmonary Medicine • Pediatrics • General Surgery
• Infectious Disease • Ischemic Vascular Disease • Opthamology • Palliative • Physical Therapy • Internal Medicine
• alliative • Internal Medicine • >Dermatology • Travel medicine • Anesthesia • ICU Nursing • System codes • Others



EHR For doctors by doctors.
  • Prime focus is the Doctors office workflow.
  • Designed to enable a Doctor to follow their usual style of charting
  • Demographics and Data entering is done by the patient and medical assistant.
  • Doctors focus on history, physical , impression and plan.


Certified Ambulatory EHR
  • Certified by ONC-ATCB
  • e-Scheduling
  • Appointment reminder by email
  • e-Charting
  • e-Prescription
    Lab interface
  • Order Transmission

Cloud Based EHR
  • Web Based solution
  • Secured
  • No special software required
  • No special hardware required
  • Just Internet
  • Access anytime
  • Acces from anywhere
  • No special training required


The Value We Bring
  • Excellent Customer and technical support
  • Dedicated practice
  • Keep up with evolving regualtion
  • Maximize User Adoption
  • Application Development and Management.



In the United States, Physicians' adoption of outpatient electronic health records, their satisfaction with such systems,the perceived effect of the systems on the quality of care, and the perceived barriers to adoption are cause of slowness.Our goal is to have positive effects of our EHR systems on several dimensions of quality of care and high levels of satisfaction.

EHR Goal


  • Address: IMD INC, Founder Habitat,
    2440 W El Camino Real, 5th Floor, Mountain View,
    CA 94040, USA
  • Email: support@imdnow.com
  • Website: www.imdnow.com
  • Phone: 408 358 4001