Why was IMD created?

5 years ago, Dr. Anjali Gulati M.D, looked at the existing practice management solutions. What she found was that there were several "Practice Management Solutions" in the market. However, most of them were built around coding and billing. They were expensive, required new hardware, software, special implementation and training and, were difficult to use.

She thus set out to build a comprehensive EHR which would be Intuitive and make charting easy for the physicians. An EHR that would be a complete "Practice Management Solution". Starting from e-scheduling to e-charting to e-billing and e-accounting. An EHR that would keep a physician's workflow as the "Prime focus", and thus make documentation rapid and easy, Not a chore. Above all, would be affordable and easy to use.

A CHARTING: Intuitive Medical Documents is intuitive and easy. It is so well organized that a physicians does not have to navigate through multiple windows, menus, and check-boxes required by other systems.

B REPORTING: With a click of a mouse, Generate reports on your patient database with easy queries. your Intuitive Medical Documents database and quickly find patients meeting specific criteria.

C ePRESCRIBING, ePrescribing, and Lexi-Comp’s ro­bust medication database are included in Intuitive Medical Documents.

D MESSAGING is completely integrated into Intuitive Medical Documents and provides the means for everybody in your office to communicate throughout the day.


Our Standarts

Solution provider for Doctors
IMD is EHR solution provider for Doctors By Doctors.The IMD system is both affordable and easy to use.
Supports to customers and patients.
IMD provides comprehensive support to all of its customers with a dedicated team of clinical and technical specialists on hand to help solve any issues.
Charting and Reporting
Charting in Intuitive Medical Documents is easy, intuitive, and does not make you navigate through the multiple windows, menus, and check-boxes. Reporting lets you easily query your Intuitive Medical Documents database and quickly find patients meeting specific criteria.
Scheduling Support using IMD System
SCHEDULING is built-in and intuitive. Booking a patient is as easy as dragging and dropping their name onto the desired appointment slot. Intuitive Medical Documents even tracks and documents missed appointments.


I highly recommend using IMD as your medical record software. My life has been simplified & my staff is singing it’s praises. -- Dr.Koransky
The IMD system is both affordable and easy to use. We looked into all the software currently available and in every category of analysis we used, IMD was the winner! -- Dr. Waggoner
Choosing the IDM system is a ‘no brainer because it is both affordable and easy to use. we looked at all the software currently out there and in every category of consideration we had, IMD won hands down! -- Dr. Cochran